You won’t ever be as good as her

You’ll never be as good as her…

She can do it better than you…

Why help, teach, serve, give, or love when they already have her…

The lie is trapped there in your head. It reduces more than who you are. It diminishes what God has called you to do or the Spirit has prompted.

Go back with me to my little girl days.

It is hard for people to imagine since God has done so much to change me, but as a child, I was backwardly shy. The kind of shy that clung to Mama’s skirts and only spoke when spoken to.

I honestly cannot remember what event this occurred during, but for whatever reason, a tearful, anxious Christina was sobbing and paralyzed with an expectation of how a group of people was going to respond to her.

As always, Mama was good at talking me down from my catastrophizing. God used her to build my strength time and again (On hard days, I miss her “Chin up, America!” attitude. As if her sheer determination might right the world.)

Mama, with a determined chin set for emphasis, said, “Christina, tomorrow when you walk into that room, I want you to throw your shoulders back, hold your head high and remember that NO ONE in that room is better than you.”




And then wisdom.

“And don’t forget you’re not better than them either.”

And just like that, she infused value, value on her daughter, but also value on God’s creation.

It leveled the playing field. It also laid the foundation for a truth that would give me the keys to unlock chains of comparison.

The truth is… She can only write HER blog better than me.

She can only raise HER kids better than me.

She can only host HER ladies group better than me.

She can only love HER husband better than me.

She can only sing, dance, love, lead, clean, and exercise better than me because she can NEVER be me.

Similar giftings, callings, or ministry roles can never diminish my obedience. Even the most talented will not and cannot reach the people I do.

This blog may never be as good as Jennie Allen, Annie Downs, or Lisa-Jo Baker, but you’re not reading their blog right now. You’re reading mine.

Does that make me better than the great bloggers and leaders? Never! It just makes me obedient.

So we find ourselves back at the foot of the Cross where all the servants of the Most High get our assignments and all I can cheer is, “Obey, friend!”

You’re right. You can’t do anything as well as ME. BUT I can’t do anything as well as YOU.

And NONE of us can do it without HIM!

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  1. May I use a quote from this post for my small group discussion this coming Sunday? We are studying Jesus providing bread from heaven (to the 5000+). One point being made is that Jesus provides NOW by doing impossible things with WHAT WE have! What you have. What I have. We do well to consider the unique nature of each person He has created, and to recognize, to EMBRACE the face that you exceed my skills in one area and I exceed yours in another. Our enemy wants us to WANT to be better, or to be as “good” as every other woman we observe in every avenue she pursues. Fiction! And lies from the pit of hell. Thanks for the reminder that my hands are full of the good abilities He bestowed upon me to use in these particular ways. He does NOT expect me to accomplish anything using your hands or your skills. Praise the Lord, from Whom all blessings and knowledge and wisdom flow!

    1. Absolutely! Use anything you find helpful for the body of Christ. Thanks so much for your knowledge, wisdom, and friendship.

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