The value of family that follows

I have often wondered what it might be like to have a mother or father who I only saw sing to the Lord during church services. I would have to wonder because that was not my experience.

One of the greatest blessings of my life has been to watch my family follow Jesus.

Simple things that most people miss or call profound, I called a Tuesday. I learned to follow Jesus from my parents and then watched them live it out before me.

I saw my Daddy and Mama praise the Lord in word or in song all week long. There was not a time, a possession, or relationship that was unavailable to the Savior.

They believed that following Jesus was about making Him Lord or boss. I didn’t see churchgoers, but Christ followers. They really thought that God was big enough to lead and worthy enough follow.

They knew that following Him would and should transform them. They taught us that taking up your cross and following Jesus would be difficult. There was no prosperity gospel at our house. They didn’t find that in their Bibles.

And the Bible. It was the word of God. They taught us the importance of reading and studying God’s word in context. (You mean your parents didn’t teach you how to use Strong’s concordance?)

I never got confused about what the church was. At a very early age, I knew that the people we met with inside the building were the church of God. We knew that going to a church building was only a sliver of what it meant to be a part of the church.

I will never forget stopping to pray for things. I will never forget hearing my parents share what they had learned from a brother or sister of Christ. I will never forget them praising the Lord through word or song.

It was bigger. God was bigger. I cannot repay those ahead of me for living truth in a way that could not be denied.

I can only pray that my children see me in the same way.

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