The things I won’t be packing

We sat in my kitchen talking about when my house will sell. We were trying to determine when that will be and whether or not the newest set of circumstances will achieve our long-awaited results.

Both of us “do-ers,” my sister-in-law and I discussed going into the bedrooms and packing boxes. After all, what else were we going to do with our nervous waiting?

We even discussed all of the boxes that are stacked in my mother-in-law’s house. I told her how WK and I have no desire to unpack and keep all of the things in those boxes.

Now before you hail me as the new Marie Kondo, let me tell you that there are several boxes that I will keep. There is some “me” packed away in those boxes that have had to be hidden in order for potential buyers to “see themselves” in my house.

But let me tell you what I won’t be packing.

My sin and my shame.

That’s right!

My sin and my shame.

About 30 years ago Jesus came and made me new. He brought me to life. He pardoned my death sentence.

I was a good little girl, but I was dead in my self-righteousness. I made almost consistent right choices, but I was headed for separation from a holy God. I was all shined up on the outside, but inside I was full of death.


He saved me forever. He set me free. He washed me clean. He brought me to life. He made me brand new.

That is why I follow. That is why, when God takes me on a year-and-a-half journey without any tangible answer, I go.

Because I am not my own, I am bought with a price. A costly price to my Savior and a priceless value to me.

I follow because God is my master. I am a bondservant. I found the only master in whom my obedience sets me FREE!

So that is what I am not packing. The sin and shame that God took from 10-year-old Christina give me life and breath for when God does sell this house.

Yes. I’m praying it’s soon.

Yes. I’m tired in about every way imaginable.

Yes. I am ready to pack boxes.

But I will do ALL he says, because of the things I haven’t had to pack for the last 30 years. Thank you, Jesus!

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