Your something is not everything, but it’s not nothing either


You need to say it.

SOMETHING happened.

It’s that. That right there. The thing that came to your mind when you read the word “something.”

Maybe it happened this week or this month or this year. Maybe it happened last week or last month or last year. Maybe it was longer ago than that. But SOMETHING happened.

It’s a thing you wish hadn’t happened or a promise unfulfilled or an unrecoverable loss.

And now you are fighting to keep it from being everything.

That hat on the shelf. The overheard conversation in the crowd. The baby crying, “Mama.” The sunrise or the sunset. Now that SOMETHING seems like EVERYTHING.

So we suck it up.

We pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and try to ignore it.

We try to pretend the conversation about her Mama doesn’t bother us at all. We act like the baby in her arms is not that big of a deal. We try to deceive ourselves into thinking her relationship with her husband or kids isn’t one we would die to have. We play like the position or platform she has doesn’t mean a thing to us.

The problem is while trying to keep our SOMETHING from becoming EVERYTHING, we attempt to make it NOTHING.

We tell ourselves, “It doesn’t matter. I should live as if it wasn’t something. I should go on like the something wasn’t something. I should keep trying to make my something, nothing.”

But the truth is SOMETHING has happened. Something left a hole.

Now making the SOMETHING, EVERYTHING allows the hole to consume us. It turns our life into the something and makes the something our Lord.

The opposite is true. SOMETHING is not NOTHING. Something changed you. Making the something, nothing can keep the something from being redeemed. It makes us believe that it is not something that can be surrendered to the foot of the cross and used for the glory of God.

This is the perspective Paul is giving when he says, “Do not grieve as those who have no hope.” (1 Thes. 4:13)

Paul is telling us not to make grief EVERYTHING because that’s not what it is. There is only One who is our EVERYTHING, and he is not a thing.

Paul is also not telling us NOT to grieve. He wants us to understand that grief is not NOTHING.

In this verse, Paul gives us the proper perspective. The thing, person, relationship, health, or position we lost is not EVERYTHING or NOTHING, and Paul helps us see that we can allow our something to be used for God’s great purpose.

It is when we place our SOMETHING in the hands of our holy God that our something can become a valuable piece work of God.

Take time my friend. Your something IS something.

Cry your tears and shake your fists and lay your something at the feet of Jesus.

One day in we will rise to see that THE Everything is using our something to accomplish so much more than nothing.

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