I once watched my friend have an accident. She wasn’t hurt and neither was anyone else, but I have never seen glass shatter or metal twist quite like it did that night.

It was such a tiny motion, the smallest of mistakes, but the result was quite astounding.

She wasn’t going fast. She wasn’t even in a car. It was one of the craziest accidents I have ever seen.

NO ONE saw it coming, but all of a sudden everything fell apart and was twisted beyond what seem like any repair.

I consoled my friend that night and tried to make her feel better hoping I was able to help a little.

But here is what struck me. As I stood looking around at all the damage. I saw pieces of us lying there.

There was her hurt, anger and frustration lying there in pieces, on the floor for all to see.

There was hanging pieces of twisted embarrassment, with no simple fix.

There were pieces of me. The pieces of me that still miss my Mama.

Sharp pieces of me that hurt when I try to deal with them, because I don’t feel like I can do everything on my plate.

Twisted pieces that stick out and if I’m not careful can hurt others as well.

In less than 24 hours, there was no shred of evidence that the accident even happened, because someone who is a master at the craft made everything new.

There are broken pieces of our lives lying all around us mixed in with the pieces of others.

It’s funny how we see our own, rarely the pieces of others, and how often we forget about the wonderful master we have that can make all things new.

Don’t sit with your shattered, twisted world and focus on all that is not right.

Please take it to the Master and let Him fix all your broken places.

The results will be amazing.

While you will never forget picking up the pieces, others will soon see a brand new frame and an exquisite new pane of glass.


Plus God’s people may take you out for ice cream! 😉

We all have our broken pieces, but God is a master craftsman.

Let Him do the work in your mess.


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