Letter to 2016 Christina

Dear beginning of 2016 Christina,

Here are some things you need to know…

You will beat Dustin in a “how much liquid you can fit in your mouth” contest. You beat all of them, but it’s always most important to beat Dustin.

You will do countless things one-handed with a baby in your arms.

The tea will be hot again, but again… not this year.

You make coffee an accomplice in your endeavors.

You learn that rest in its truest form is not laziness, but proper preparation for the next best step.

Drinking liquids before you shop at Von Maur just so that you can use their fabulous women’s restroom will become a habit. #minivacation #trustme

Your Keystone co-op interview will be great. Your family will be accepted and it will be an answer to prayer.

You will have not one but two coordinated family photos this year and you will die a little inside.

Vacation. Bible. School. (You won’t believe you’re doing it, and it will be pretty amazing even though there are 12-13 boys each day.)

A big piece of your heart will move to Enid. (I love you, Paco!)

The church nursery workers will accidentally give Snickle’s shoes away in another bag, but they will be returned before nighfall.

You will be completely cool when seeing James Marsden in a local Best Buy, but cry and not be able to spell your own name in front of Margaret Feinberg.

Bulletproof coffee will be great until you realize 2016 is using missiles.

Donald Trump will become president elect and I’m still trying to find Marty McFly so he can fix it. #hehasdoneitbefore #backtothefutureII

You will continue to take the systematic theology class at church and love it.

Charlanne will see heaven and you will thank God that even though the treatment ultimately killed her you will thank Him that He healed her cancer from decades ago.

Job losses at WK’s job will leave you guessing if you should pray that he is kept or let go. (Thankfully, he continued there after the cuts.)

Snickle will have you run races back and forth in the house. Her tiny voice will repeat “3-2-1- Go! I won!” numerous times.

Addiction will raise its head in your generation and it will cause you to pray and do all that is necessary to help.

You will attempt to sell your house for six months. It will almost kill you. Almost…

A server will bring your older kids drinks with no lids and it will surprise you.

Your cousin will have brain surgery and all was in the hands of a loving God. He will continue his life as if it never happened (with the exception of setting off metal detectors from the plate in his head).

You will have similar conversations with the older generation about Alan Rickman’s death as you do with the younger generation about David Bowie’s.

Ministry will continue through the chaos.

Wonderful friends will help you when your husband decides that we should paint the house ourselves. #IneededJesusandanap

The world will say good bye to Princess Leia.

You will take LWTG on the road to the BGCO Women’s retreat, and love it so much you will challenge all the ladies you know to save their money to go with you next year.

Middle school is worse and better than you thought it would be.

You’ll watch, listen, and read women Bible communicator’s and feel a connection you haven’t felt before.

Peacemaking will leave you black and blue.

Obedience will not always be action.

You will want to kill ALL the children for water bottle flipping. #prayforgrace

You will have a random unscheduled house showing at 9 at night, but sadly nothing will come of it.

Tears will flow for the person you worked hard to be but don’t get to be this year.

You will be on two book launch teams and love it.

Cubbies win the World Series.

And finally…

God will be all that you need Him to be and more.

With grace and faith,

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