Know that… We shouldn’t devalue “anyway”

It’s not romantic, but it is love.

It’s sounds forced, but it is a choice.

It’s not usually natural, but it is character.

It isn’t a feeling, but it does evoke emotion.

It’s not the dream, but it is an answer.


It’s the one little word that changes the day with your child.

It holds marriages together.

It pushes you to connect with God when you don’t feel like it.

It helps differing people to work together to accomplish what needs to get done.

It’s the glue of sibling, church member, and coworker relationships.

It stretches you farther.

It helps you accomplish more.

It’s the unspoken meaning after the words “I can.”

It’s the replacement for doing it all.


And for the Christ follower it’s because of THE WAY.

I love my husband anyway… Because THE WAY loved me first.

I have grace for my kids anyway… Because THE WAY has forgiven me time and again.

I have my quiet time or go to church anyway… Because THE WAY is always faithful to my faithlessness.

I work with people I don’t agree with anyway… Because THE WAY doesn’t want us all to be the same, or think the same, or agree the same in order to accomplish His work.

I love, support, or speak truth into the lives of the relationships God has entrusted to me anyway… Because THE WAY put people in my life for a reason.

I have lots of people in and out of my house anyway… Because THE WAY told me to open my home not have a spotless house.

In fact, it was ANYWAY that made THE WAY become OUR WAY to the Father.

In Luke 22:42 Jesus says about the cross, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

This was Jesus saying… ANYWAY. “I will anyway.”

So today, if it’s hard… We’ll do it anyway. If it costs us… We’ll pay the price anyway. If it’s terrifying… We’ll do it scared anyway.

What do you need to do anyway?

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