Know that… The world must need slaves and soldiers

Peace and equality

Love and uniformity

Pacivity and platform

This is our culture. These are the buzzwords.

Guys, I love these words. I want them to be true in every time and in every place.

But the more I read scripture, I do not find the language of peace and equality at all costs.

Hear my heart. It is broken open for those seen as less. It will die for those whom others would call not equal.

Hear my heart. It beats for mediation and reconciliation. It will pump forth any way to help people come to an understanding of one another.

But I often find the opposite of one being the answer for the other

I don’t like war or strife, but I will fight for the underdogs. I don’t like slavery or inequality, but I will serve others to find peace.

I think that is why we find this over and over in scripture.

It’s not an excuse to be belligerent.

It’s not a reason to fight for ourselves.

It’s not even a call to fight for the gospel (It defends itself).

It’s not a call to never take a stand or never find a way to help others see a group of people the way God sees them.

It’s not a call to think God has made you inferior to others around you.

I think it’s a call to backwards thinking. Serve to see equality. Fight to see peace. It’s a call to do what no one else is doing so that God can show up and do the supernatural. It’s a call for us to get out of the way so that God can get the glory.

All I know is I was lost and now I’m found.

All I know is that I was once without hope and now can breathe in joy.

All I know is that He said He was a servant and that I need to be one also (Mark 9). Because He also said that HE no longer calls me slave. HE calls me friend (John 15). The God of this universe says that I am HIS friend. That value surpasses any human position or level I find myself holding.
All I know is He uses of the battlefield, and that my fight is rarely with people (Ephesians 6). He tells us of our real enemy, and though at times our actions toward that enemy will be seen by or directed toward a physical person, He gives us a way to fight that works toward resolution.

Maybe that’s why we can feel so defeated as a Christ followers. Maybe if we keep trying to preserve our rights, we’ll never be truly free. Maybe if we keep trying not to fight, we’ll never feel harmony.


In what way do you need to learn how to minister (first used in the 14th century from the Latin meaning servant or smaller, #wordnerd) to others? How can you assist others to break the chains which hold you?

In what way can you change how you battle? Maybe you feel beat up because you have thought that following Jesus is not engaging in the fray? How can you allow your Savior to teach you how and who to combat?

I’m praying for you and me today, friends.

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