Know that… The pronoun changes

I love words. I’m not a poet. I’m more of a linguist. I’m not an expert in the field. But the way words work together to convey meaning, makes me smile.

I notice grammar. I love people more than I love words, therefore I’m not likely to correct your grammar in reality, but I am probably correcting it in my head (Sorry 😬).

I also like breaking the rules a bit. Because my teachers in grade school told me not to start my sentences with conjunctions, I do it on occasion, and sometimes prepositions are what I like to end my sentences with. 😊

All of those things make me a nerd, and I’m proud of it. I would say that I will never be on par with my mother who may have read grammar books for fun. I am also not immune to making grammar mistakes myself, but I love wordsmith-ing.

I love seeing things through the way something is said or written.

In a this particular season of my life when there are days that obedience feels like I’m carrying an elephant, I am reminded of a passage of scripture we studied at church a month or two ago. It was the beginning of Genesis chapter 12.

I was amazed to see something in the grammar that blessed me immensely.

It’s also a story of obedience. We meet Abram at the beginning of a faith journey. He’s just hanging with his family in Haran.

There is not much back story scripture just jumps right in with a conversation with God.

“Now the LORD SAID to Abram,

(God starts the conversation)

GO FORTH from your country, and from your relatives and from your father’s house,

(God tells Abram where to leave, but does not tell him where he is going. This is where Abram’s faith starts. And this happens…)

To the land I WILL SHOW YOU;

(This is it! Did you see it? THE PRONOUN CHANGES!!!! The first sentence carries the the implied YOU —-> go forth, and the possessive pronoun YOUR is used in reference to all that Abram must leave. Then the pronoun changes. God does not say YOU WILL find, but shifts the responsibility to himself by saying I WILL SHOW YOU! Let’s keep going. It only gets better.)

And I WILL MAKE YOU a great nation,

(Can you imagine how much work Abram would have to put in if he had to make a great nation himself? We don’t know this yet, but the work would be next to impossible when your wife is barren.)


(Who can bless us like God anyway? Here we find him promising that Abram won’t have to conjure up blessing or “looked blessed,” but that God is already working for him.)


(Friends, I’m not going to even tell you how many articles on writing harp on platform and influence. Publishers and media sites want to know how many people know your name. They want to know what YOU have done to make your name great. It’s no different in any industry or sphere of influence. There are people making big money on how to teach us to build a following. But with Abram we have a God who says, “GO —> and I’ll give you a Twitter account with a million followers. Done!)

AND SO you shall be a blessing;

(The “and so” gets me too. After God does the “I wills,” He says, because of these things that I WILL DO, the out flowing of that is going to result in Abram being a blessing.)

And I WILL bless those who bless you, and the ones who curse you I WILL curse.

(Blessings again! We see blessings and cursings will both come through the filtered fingers of a loving God, and Abram has the promise that God is going to accomplish His own will and defend His promise no matter what people throw at them.)

And in you all of the families on earth will be blessed.”

Oh dear ones, do you need to shift the pronoun today?

What act of obedience have you turned into a spiritual to-do list? What are you trying to complete what God has not said is yours to handle?

God just said GO. That’s all Abram had to do. Everything else God promised to take care of.


Let’s go back to the point of obedience and leave the rest to God, who never asked us to do His part in the first place.

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