Know that… Someone can hear you

Psalms 61:1 & 2- “O God, Listen to my cry! Hear my prayer! From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed…”

He hears! He Hears! Oh precious friend, HE HEARS!

And sometimes He’s not the only one who does…

When the 10 year old says, “I hate school.”

Her heart is saying, “I long for things that inspire, that breathe life, and that help me feel a passion for life.”


When the young youth says, “I cannot wait to grow up.”

Her heart is saying, “I want to fulfill a purpose, and make an impact on the world around me.”

When the college student says, “My church is so old-fashioned.”

Her heart is aching for someone to believe in her and give her a space to be the church of today, not only the church of tomorrow.

When the single woman says, “Women’s ministry isn’t for me.”

Her heart cries, “Please see value in me. Surely I’m not useless until I marry and have babies.”

When the married woman says, “Yeah, being married is different.”

She is anxiously asking, “Am I the only woman having problems figuring out this marriage thing?”

When the childless woman says, “Your baby is beautiful.”

Her heart breaks to say, “Will that beauty ever be mine to hold?”

When the married woman with young children says, “I’m fine.”

Her heart screams at her for lying, and knows it would be ostracized for saying, “I’m losing my mind and I kind of hate this part of life. This is holy hard!!! Can anyone else watch the kids, and clean my house while I take a nap?”


When the Mama of preteen and teenagers say, “My kids are really busy these days.”

Her heart is hanging on to the hope that she is imparting all the important things before her time runs out with them.

When the Mama of college students says, “My child attends ‘College University.'”

Her heart cries, “God keep them close to you. Help them to bring You glory with every breath. Be to them what I could never be.”

When the grandmother says, “You’ll miss these days. Don’t blink.”

Her heart is actually saying, “NOT the bodily fluid you cleaned up, or the unending lessons you had to teach, but the holy moments when God gives you treasure in broken vessels. Find your treasure today.”
(BTW, treasure is hard to find. They wouldn’t be called treasure HUNTERS if it was right there for everyone to see.)

When the elderly woman says, “Come see me when you can.”

She’s really asking, “Do I have any value or purpose left on this Earth? My body is breaking down. Am I only useful if I’m young?

Precious ones, He hears your heart. Our hearts are saying this, and so much more. He hears, but may our spirits hear the hearts of others too, and answer them with God’s truth, grace, and love.

From the ends of the Earth, you are heard!

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