Know that… New years don’t get rid of an old enemy

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Day feels like months ago.

I mean, nearly every day of this new year has held some challenge for me. IT’S ONLY BEEN A WEEK AND HALF!!!


But new beginnings give us hope.

All the thinkers and task-ers make goals, resolutions, objectives, intentions, and PLANS, with time frames and step by step achievable goals.

All the feelers and free spirits have hopes, dreams, wishes, and DESIRES, that rise to the surface of their life and help them feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces.

And God forbid a thinker should try to dream, or a feeler should try to plan…

But here we are finding ourselves in the middle of newness.

It’s still mostly shiny here. The spaces are uncluttered. We think this is the year we will __________.

But hiding behind the shiny exterior and unblemished dates, is not victory waiting to pounce on us.

We have never accidentally found life multiplying just because it is a new year. We tend to find the opposite.

When we stumble onto things, it’s full of loss not recovery. When we’re not paying attention, we find death not life. When we wander through our days, we find destruction and never new constructions.

In fact, we rarely have a new resolution. It’s the same as last year minus a small step or two.

So why even have a resolution (I mean DREAMS, sorry feelers… resolving is way too restricting <3)? Why try at all? Some people have thrown resolutions out the window entirely.

But the reason we have to try is the same reason we quit. We have an enemy.

Lots of people don’t like to talk about Satan these days (and that leaves mostly weirdies spouting non-scriptural stuff… Don’t get me started.), but he is real and he has an agenda.

Stealing, killing, and destroying is his m.o. This is why, when we let life go back to normal and don’t actively fight, these aspirations get lost, die, or fall apart.

What I find when most people mean a new year, they mean a new “me.” They mean little to no opposition.
They think 2016 will be a magical place. A place where health for one month takes away all the months of disregard. A place where reading the right organization book will fix years of hoarding. A place where addictions melt off of you merely because the calendar says 2016.

But this new year will not rid us of our old enemy.

Newness… Doesn’t mean easy… It just means fresh and untried.

So if you already want to quit, it’s not because you are a wimp. It’s because you are in a fight.

So here are my thoughts as we go into the new year:

Only fight what God says to fight since He’s the only one we have victory through anyway.
Do the hard work of obedience, and let God conquer what none of us can.
If it is hard, it’s supposed to be, and that doesn’t make you weak.

I can’t wait to see what this pristine year holds, and I am hoping in a God who makes the hard, HOLY.

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