Know that… Jesus saves

23 hours of labor. Almost 2 weeks overdue. And then at 1:20 Wednesday, December 15th of 2004, she came gasping dramatically into this world and mine.

She made me a Mama.

She made me better.

She has never been easy.

My Sassafras! 

She turned 11 yesterday.

She is truly out of her first decade.

Her small stature is probably what saves my heart each year. When she is still the size of a 9 year old, it makes me feel like she’s not as old as she is.

She still wears ALL the things (notice her fuzzy vest, over her fancy dress, with her leggings, and boots), and that’s still my little girl.


But this year something changed…

Something changed in her face.

Something changed in her mannerisms.

Something changed in her walk.

Something changed in her questions (she asked several big ones this year 😳).

Something changed in her observations.

And most importantly, 2 days before her birthday, something changed in her spirit.

Sassafras felt God’s call to follow Him. She turned from her sinful self, and accepted Christ’s gift of the cross for payment for her sins. She wants Jesus to be the boss of her life.

She described the work of the Holy Spirit this way, “When it got to the invitation part, it was like, BOOM!”

God speaks to each heart differently, and if you know Sassafras at all you know that the Holy Spirit would more than likely BOOM into Jenna’s heart.

All of my prayers were answered for her this Sunday.

Anything else I could pray for her is already being interceded for by her Savior at the right hand of the Father.

So even though I still see her as little, I cannot wait to see what God does through this new Sassafras. This one who has now been born of God instead of only Christina.

Happy birthday, Sassafras!

I thank God for you.

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