Know that… Invitations are nice

I am not one to hang my hat on pomp and circumstance. Fancy parties make me feel like a bull in china closet.

Don’t misunderstand. I can fit in just about anywhere. I am not gauche. I didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck (hat tip to Marilyn). If I can manage not to look like a newborn colt in my heels. I can pull off a fancy engagement any day of the week. I just don’t thrive there.

Put my friend Jill or my cousin Jenny in fancy dress, and a formal occasion and their hearts breathe there.

Put me in that same party and I am going to be worried about falling out of my heels, or someone seeing through to the fact that Jill and Jenny dressed me. I will almost always have fun, but I will come alive when my pjs are on and my bed greets me with its familiar embrace.

My fancy friends and I do share one thing in common. We all love the invitation. It feels so special to be invited. Even the events that are essentially open to the public have more value when you get an invitation.

I got invited to go to a skating rink with my brother’s church back about a year ago, and I was excited. (NO… I did not skate. YES… I hid my eyes when they announced a round of dodgeball on the rink. I mean, throw an escalator out there and it may as well be my own personal horror film. But I was invited!!!)

Being invited makes a difference. An invitation makes you feel wanted. It makes you feel more freedom. It seems like maybe these people already know I might fall out of my 1 inch heels, or that Jill or Jenny picked out my clothes. It makes my heart feel like they know the secrets and want me there anyway.

Now without trying to put human mindset or emotion on God, what might change if we invited Him into the spaces of our life. After all, He invited us with the cross.

It’s not like we have to find Him. He’s already there. What if we ran into Him and invited Him to sit and eat with us. What if we invited Him to our homes, our workplaces, our churches, our successes, our failures?

What if we intentionally focused on making God welcome in these places?


We might care less about wether or not the worship was traditional or modern, if we were saving a seat next to us for Jesus. We might parent with passion if it didn’t matter what anyone but our friend Jesus thought as He sat across the table from us. We might see everyday as our calling If we knew that Jesus was going to be working with us at our desks today. We might celebrate victories more healthily and let Him pick us right up after our mistakes.

We say we meet with Him during our quiet times or our worship services, but even then it’s mostly words.

But I want more. I want to invite Him into the course of my day. I need Him in the chaos of my life. I want to hear Him in the conversations with my people.

I need thee. Oh, I need thee. Every hour I need thee!!!!

But I want Him, too.

Heavenly Daddy, you are invited to Wednesday. I cannot wait to meet you there.

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  1. This: “I mean, throw an escalator out there and it may as well be my own personal horror film. But I was invited!!!” Too funny!

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