Know that… I’m going to line my words up with what I believe

It’s that one piece of hair that won’t quite go into place on an otherwise perfect hair day.

It’s the shoes that you swore matched when you slipped them onto your feet.

It’s that one tile that got placed into the pattern incorrectly.

Something feels off. Something is not quite the way you think someone intended it to be.

That’s the way I’ve felt about my language lately.

I felt so bad when I cussed my kids out the other day. 😳

NO, NO, NO!!!

Sorry. I had to see if you were paying attention.

Actually this is not a post about curse words. I won’t do one of those unless the Lord leads me to it. There is a lot already said on the subject, and the way Christians use scripture defending or refuting it… Well… It makes a gal want to cuss!

Take a deep breath, and open your heart.

It’s not something so obvious. It is something more underhanded than that. It’s about the way our words point to what we believe.

Now I want to be clear. (Especially after a post about commandments versus conviction)

This is something I have noticed in me, and while it’s like buying a new car and suddenly noticing all of the same models around, I am not picking on others’ usage.

I’m a Jesus girl. My life should look different. If I believe what I say I do, then my words should line up with my life.

I’ve noticed that I say things like, “I hope” instead of “I pray.”

I might also say, “I’ll be thinking of you.”

How about the times I cross my fingers and say, “wish me luck.”

The occasions I mention anything that might sound like Karma.

The mystical references to an unknown higher power, spirit animals, or a Jesus of a different making.

Or the so often times I take or give credit to anyone other than my loving God for all that He gives me.

I am not about to tell you steps to do this better. I’m not going to tell you that you must make this your concern as well. I just want you to see my heart.

My heart is His. It’s His alone.

Guys, God is the author of salvation, and the Creator of the cosmos. I don’t hope for anything. I pray to the one who has the answer.

I don’t want you to know I’m thinking of you. My thoughts are worthless and powerless.  I want you to know I’m praying for you. I want you to know that I am lifting you up to an all powerful God, and helping carry the burden that is so heavy to you.

I don’t want a luck or Karma, because God gives me a purpose, and oh so undeserving grace!!! These invaluable gifts cause the former to pale in comparison.

I don’t want to represent ANY power or belief that doesn’t line up with the one true God.

And my sweet friends, HE IS MY LIFE! He may use others or circumstances to bring things about, but He is working everything together for my good. He is my provision. He has an answer to my need. He has used other people to cause me to become who I am today, but He and He alone get the glory for it.

I’ve recently been taking an evangelism class at my church. (I know… I know! It’s not what you imagine. I promise.) As we have been discussing how we might let God use us to show other’s the gift of salvation, It has brought to mind how my vocabulary represents Him.

I was also reminded that one of the simplest forms of evangelism is giving credit where credit is due.


May my words be HIS!

Friends, I AM PRAYING this post finds you well, but mostly I PRAY it finds you HIS!

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