Know that… I wish I could hold your hand

Cancer… death… marriages falling apart… sickness… accidents… job loss… relationship stresses… they seem to be everywhere.

And I wish I could stop life for each one of you and hold your hand.

I wish I could make you your favorite beverage and sit down at my kitchen bar or living room sofa, and just let you know I really see your heart.

I would have a hot tea for myself, and you could spill all of the faith (and lack of faith) you have in God in this particularly difficult season.

I wish I could stop and focus on just you for a couple of minutes.

I wish I could express how much your hurt is building up an army of prayers just for you.

I wish that you knew that what is BIG to you is always BIG, and cannot be minimized by someone else’s BIG.

I wish I could put a Band-Aid on it and make it all better, but I cannot.

I wish so much for you, but they may all just remain wishes.




I will pray that Cancer gets miraculously (here on earth) or gloriously (in heaven) healed.

I will pray that every day death will lose its sting and victory a little more.

I will pray that your marriage or that of your loved one, will be made new.

I will pray that your sicknesses will be removed.

I will pray that forgiveness for yourself or others comes in flowing waves after your accident.

I will pray God sends you the job you need.

I will pray that God will show up in a powerful way in that relationship that seems to fall apart at every turn.

I will pray, and pray, and pray, and pray some more, because your hurt is not yours alone.

You pain is real. It matters to me, and it matters to God.

So know that I wish I could stop time and hold your hand right now, but until then I will gently kneel and lift your heart to the only ONE who can fix it.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and bring you peace.” (from Numbers 6:24-26)

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  1. I love your heart… you are a kindred spirit. 🙂 The church needs awakened. I have considered a blog~ A Blog to Jog the Bride Awake. What do you think? Only thing is… I would probably make more enemies than friends. But I am so past really worrying about that. Much of what we need to hear we don’t want to hear. Thank you for your heart! Keep writing. 🙂

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