Know that… following Jesus isn’t doing the right thing… it’s doing what He’s asked

Just this week, Sonic was in the other room, and fervently getting his clothes on for the day. BUT he was disobeying.

I said, “Sonic, where are you?”

And he very exasperatingly replied, “WHAT!?! I’m getting my clothes on!”

There was nothing wrong with getting dressed. I have never voiced or written down a rule that said getting dressed was wrong. Nearly once a day getting dressed would be obedience. Getting dressed is usually something he has either encouraged his sister to obey, or been encouraged by her to do.

MOST times getting dressed is not disobedience, but on this occasion it was.


BECAUSE… this time getting dressed was keeping him from finishing his school work, which I HAD asked him to do. (Yes… we do school in pjs most days. Judge me if you want. We love pjs.)

I even found myself saying the words, “Doing something that you know to do is disobedience, if it is not what I asked you to do.”

Even as hard-headed as I am, it flooded over me that this is what I do all the time.

Like when God says, “Start a blog,” and I go work on my home group.

Or He says, “Adopt children,” and I work on homeschooling my kids.

Or the times He says, “Invite someone to church,” and I show up to volunteer at church without missing a week. (or better yet, using serving as my reason not to invite someone)

I don’t usually say, “NO” and stomp my foot. I just quietly go around the corner and do something good, right, or scriptural.

Doing those other things are not wrong. There is nothing in God’s word that says not to do them. Other times they have been obedience. Sometimes those are things that I have been able to encourage my brother or sister in Christ to obedience with, or vice versa.


And when God calls out, “Christina, where are you?” My exasperated answer is, “WHAT!?! I’m serving at church!”

And he calmly replies with, “Christina, doing something you know is right is disobedience, if it keeps you from doing what I told you to do.”

In His infinite patience with me, He allows me to come up with lame excuses, and graciously allows me to line myself up with His plan and His purposes.

So what is God calling you to do? Maybe He wants you to find biblical community, get active in serving in your church, mow your neighbor’s lawn, get out of debt, change how your children are schooled, get some marital counseling (or at least support), or mend a relationship.

For me it has been to start this blog, adopt some children from the state’s children services, and allow my ladies group to get even bigger. I am still tempted to go around the corner and say, “WHAT!?! I’m doing the right things. I’m doing the church things. I’m doing the moral things.”

But I don’t want following Jesus to be a list (as much as I love lists), I want it to be a relationship. I love being able to talk to my Daddy, even when He has to say, “Christina, where are you?” or “What are you doing?”

Because even though I don’t get it all right, I get a DADDY instead of a warden.

AND, when all is said and done, this little girl gets to climb up in her Daddy’s lap, when she turns around and does what He says.

Have fun doing what our Daddy says, today.

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