Know that… Every day use is important

Your sitting in a restaurant. Your food is nearly perfect, but you want some salt for it. You decide that it’s selfish or small to salt your plate alone. You then ignore the need to salt your own plate, because you don’t have time to salt every plate in the restaurant.

You walk through a camp site, but the way has darkened considerably. If you don’t use some light soon you could lose your way or be injured by things unseen. You decide that because you don’t have a floodlight you won’t use the flashlight on your phone.

You are iced in. Your driveway is impassible. You have salt for clearing the way, but because you don’t have enough salt for all of your neighbors. You resolve to stay inside all winter.

You are home alone for the evening. Your spouse has the kids, and you are finally going to get caught up on a project that has needed completion for some time. As night falls you don’t get the project done, because you don’t want to turn on the light for the thing in front of you alone. It would be so much more useful if you turned it on for the other four people in your house too. You sit in the dark until your family returns, but by then it’s time for bed.

These examples sound crazy. Salt and light are not such limited resources that we cannot use them in small quantities, nor are they of such importance that they cannot be used for the individual or the small.

Matthew 5:13-16 describes Christ followers as salt and light. I am salt and light. You are salt and light.

These items aren’t rare or precious. I personally have never heard of a salt shortage or light rationing.

I’ve also never heard of anyone not salting the plate or lighting the path in front of them because the plate wasn’t grand enough or the path not noble enough.


BUT we live this way…

We can’t feed all the kids in Africa, so we don’t feed one.

We don’t get a limelight at the ministry event, so we don’t serve at the event.

We won’t see the results of discipling our children immediately, so we see it as too menial to start today.

We aren’t working outside the home, so we don’t make an effort to find people to share God’s truth with.

We don’t get the kind of response we wanted from that small group, so we would never think to be the welcome we wish was there.

It’s so easy to look at bigger and better things and think that we need to save our salt and light for those noticeable occurrences.

However, most often the fancy dishes don’t need salt, because they have been prepared with just the right balance of ingredients, and the most expensive path actually may not require as much light since the way should already be much more smooth.

Too often we balk at salting our own plates, or lighting the path no one sees.

Salt has so many uses, but the most the most known and widely used is table salt. A little sprinkle here, and a little sprinkle there is it’s most common trait.

So do not underestimate the little sprinkles or the small lights. They add up to great things, and that is probably just what God had in mind.

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