Know that… Christina did not want to start a blog



There are many reasons to start a blog.  If you don’t know, hop on over to Google, and get some pointers on starting a blog. Businesses, techies, nerds, children, grandmas, tea lovers, health nuts, hipsters, hair and make-up artists, auto mechanics, and bow makers alike have all found an audience on the Internet.

Here are couple of reasons I have found that many start to blog:

  • Some start because of a passion. They need an outlet for how much they LOVE kittens or light fixtures.
  • Some start for understanding. They need a place of support, healthy thinking, and healing.
  • Some start for connection to family and friends. They have family and friends, often in their own city, that they seldom see so they use it to send stories of life to Grandma or a childhood friend.
  • Some businesses start as a necessity to keep up with changing technology. They need to make their business more personal.
  • Some start because of a need for awareness. They cannot keep silent about something that is eating away at them whether it is happening in their community, their state, their country, or across the globe.

I wish I could say any of the reasons above were my reason to start this blog. My reason however is not half so noble, intimate, or passionate. My reason is because I DID NOT WANT TO.

You see… the first and most important thing you need to know… if I get hit by a bus… is this… I am a follower of Jesus. So when God began to say things like,


I said, NO!

But as my sister-in-law so aptly put it, I DON’T GET A CHOICE.

Because I didn’t just add Jesus to my life or join a church.

Jesus did something so life changing in me that I could do nothing but follow with everything in me… with every breath in my body… and with every moment he gives me on earth.

There haven’t been many things that Jesus has asked me to do that I have refused. Some of the things he has asked of me have been pretty hard, and I have rarely given a second thought to those things.

This one however was a battle. I was not acting like someone who Jesus had changed completely. I was acting like I was my own boss.

In a long back and forth conversation with Jesus, as He extended grace to me again and again, I came up with excuse after excuse not to obey him.

But He shot down my excuses with soft words and challenging responses, like a Daddy just standing over a toddler saying patiently,


So this is my staggered, raw, authentic response to my Jesus’s request. But years from now, when and if my Jesus takes me where I don’t really desire to go, and if I become a famous blogger, author, and/or women’s speaker, you need to know that I did not want to do this.

But my Jesus wanted me to, so the answer although begrudging is…


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  1. Your mama would be so proud and hang on every word of this thing called “a blog”. I will be following you to see where God leads you in this new platform. Hugs!

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