Keep my eyes high, Lord Jesus

I am still waiting.

This week a friend sold her house and last week another closed on hers.

It’s so hard. I want it to be over. I want it to be resolved. It feels like I have carried extra weight for a year.

I have obeyed and now I am waiting for God to come through on His end.

The length of my wait has caused my eyes to settle on the object of my waiting often. All of the sudden I am trying to connive God into ways he can fulfill His promise.

I am obsessing with this house or that one. I am thinking that maybe God has waited so that He can be the answer to someone else’s prayer, too. I keep trying to make sure one more thing is cleaned or organized, one more smell is right, or one more pillow is perfectly placed. I am trying to pray enough, be content enough, and be faithful enough.

The reality is that when God starts something he is going to finish it. He will finish it His way and in His plan.

The truth is that when God makes a promise, I cannot sabotage it. I am not that powerful.

But the real regret will be missing the relationship when I look at the object of my waiting longer than I look at the person of my faith.

Because when my house sells, I will still want Jesus more.

When He does His part and the object of my waiting is fulfilled, the Person of my faith will still be who I need.

A new house in a new community and closer to the things we visit on our weekly routine will be useless unless they are filled with Christ.

All the things that I want pale in comparison to the deep soul desire I have for Jesus. It won’t change. It won’t go away. I will always be His and always want Him.

SO I pray that I will be able to keep raising my eyes from the things to the person. I pray that Jesus will be all that I need and want.

In the end, I won’t want his stuff without his presence anyway.

Keep my eyes high, Lord Jesus.

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