How they see Jesus

In the spring at BGCO Women’s retreat Lina Abujamra said something like this, “If they know your name, they should know your Jesus.”

It got me thinking as a churched person. A lot of people know I follow Jesus, but that’s because they are following him, too.

But how often do we give credit where credit is due?

What if our words and actions were weighed out? This is not a righteousness or comparison thing, but more of case study thing.

If my words and actions from the last week were weighed out, how many would tip the scale for a life lived for and credited to Jesus? And how many would the scale tip towards morality?

If we actually measured our faith would it look like our lives are dependent upon Jesus coming through for us? Or would it look like our morality came through for us?

What about responding with the truth?

A while back someone said to me, “God knew I needed to hear those words. Thank you for obediently delivering them.”

I could have responded with, “Thank you. I’m so glad, “ and not been inaccurate or even sinful.

But in that moment such a wave of all God had done for me came to the top of my heart and my fingers typed, “I’m so grateful God uses recovering know-it-alls and the redeemed self-righteous. My only fighting chance!”

I’m telling you right now, any false humility given to this friend would have been seen through. She is such a discerner I would not have been able to pull a super spiritual hi-jinx on her.

I know that sometimes admission of our need for Him can often be seen as the opposite, but I would have tried no such Jesus-juke on this dear friend. Besides, she would have been able to see through it anyway.

So I am not asking you to pull up an audiobook on Christian-ese. I’m not asking you to be fake. I am asking you to be authentic.

I don’t have to shout the name of my daughter everywhere I go or wear a t-shirt with her name all over it or carry a book about her around everywhere I go for people to know my association with her.

Because to know me is to know that I am her mother. I have spent time with her. I know her. She has impacted my life greatly.

I don’t have to be gregarious about sharing about her or even exaggerating about how much she has affected my life. I will just be true about her and you will naturally know about her.

I will not be fake about Jesus. He doesn’t need it.

I will not be fake about me. I don’t deserve it.

I will be honest about us both, and at the very heart of it, you will find that every good and perfect gift comes from him and that’s the truth.

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