Fear is not your friend

“God has not given us a spirit of fear.” These were the words I said to my son when he asked why I would not likely ever allow him to go to a “fright fest.”

We make ourselves too comfortable with fear these days. I’m not really talking about haunted houses or scary movies. Although, I’m sure there is a conversation that could be had abut those as well.

After all, We can’t be a good mother without it, you know?

If we’re not scared that they will be abducted, or choke, or die in a car accident, or fall to their death… well then… what kind of mother are you? (Can’t you just feel me looking down my nose at you?)

If we’re not scared that we are not doing it right or scared of screwing them up, then how on earth will they become productive citizens?

If we actually talk to them about puberty, we’re perverts? If we haven’t gotten them so scared of sex that they may not even enjoy it in the beautiful freedom of marriage, then they will become loose young adults and suffer horrible consequences.

I have even heard several creative leaders suggest we invite fear into the process of our daily lives.

There’s a problem there. God says that fear is not from Him. I’m not going to use scare tactics (way too ironic don’t ya think?), but if something is not from Him IT IS from our enemy.

If it is not of God, it is sin. In all honesty, the last thing I want to do is invite something into my life that is not of God. I want to fight it. I want to replace it in my mind with God’s promises not to fear.

In scripture every time an angel of the Lord appeared— this is always a little more wet-your-pants-scary than when we skim through in our Bibles— the first words said are “Don’t be afraid.” I think God knows us rather well.

Fear is like every other sin out there. Its wages are death. Maybe not now, but in the days to come. Remember that sin is death and death with compound interest.

The danger is two-fold. Our fears for our children will either be disregarded and any truth of them not heeded, or they will take them on as their own with the stronghold of two generations.

They might do the thing you fear just because they recognize the ridiculousness of your fear, or your fear repeated over and over could become something that renders them incapacitated.

Most fear is based in concern. May we lay that concern at the foot of the cross and let Jesus make it beneficial instead of allowing our enemy to use it against us and the very ones we are trying to protect.

James says confession of sins to one another brings healing. How can we apply that here?

Confess your fears to your children, and emphasize only the truth or wisdom from the cause of the fear. Show them how to lay burdens and concerns at the feet of Jesus and to walk free from the entanglement of sin.

Mama always said, “We need to be SMART, not SCARED.”

We will always have concerns, but they don’t have to result in the payments of sin.

May we walk free of the sin of fear.

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  1. Amen and Amen…most especially on the living in fear that my child/spouse/parent/self might be hurt/lost/disappointed/offended/misdirected by my ignorance…. I could go on, but you, and your readers get it. Our fear is to be OF GOD, for therein lies wisdom and the beginning of knowledge. As a mom whose children WERE NOT ruined by my ignorance or oversight, I encourage myself daily to remember this principle so that I don’t continue in the sin of fear — the fear they might not get married, or they might not produce adorable grandchildren who light up my life, or they might pursue a vocation apart from my choice for them. “Oh, Lord, forgive my fear when it takes me away from focus upon You, and settles my eyes upon the things that I SELFISHLY want! Help me keep laying my loved ones, and myself, before You, knowing YOU have a good and perfect plan for us all. HELP me trust You!”

  2. Another good topic addressed that we all need to read. Once again, well done Christina!! I love to hear (read) your views on things. You can make anything funny – ironically even fear. But, we know it’s not funny. And, we don’t always think of it as sin. Or, maybe I should speak for myself? Thanks!

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