A different creative process

I am NOT God. I won’t even try to be.

However, so much of what He teaches us is from the reflection of His character.

So applying His characteristics to my life (with the sound knowledge of my place in His great world and great purpose- I AM NOT GOD), I can learn how to better follow Him.

Writing has been a struggle. Not the hard kind like making the grammar work or spelling the words right. It’s not even necessarily a difficult for me to find a subject or the right words. It’s more about what to say, how to say it, and when to leave it alone.

It all goes back to my desire to be good and be right. I don’t want to mess it up. I don’t want it to send the wrong message. I don’t want it to be misunderstood.

In fact, BECAUSE I am good at grammar and structure I can keep editing  for eternity. I can find one more way of writing the content better, clearer, or prettier.

Some of that will make me better. Some of that will help me use old drafts for new purposes, but mostly it will be one more thing that drives me crazy and keeps me tied up in the world of perfectionism.

But I saw something recently that was beneficial.

It shared the pattern of God’s creation story in Genesis. Once again using God’s character to teach me how to live.

Here were the steps to God’s creating process:

1. Create

2. Call it good

3. Rest

So in this year of consecrating myself and my gifts to the Lord. I find it an excellent pattern to follow.

I will create. This includes the scary editing process.

Then at some point, I must call it good, or at the very least complete. I must not allow creating to become my Creator. I must obey and walk away.

Then I must rest.

So my pattern looks something like a little girl:

1. I’m gonna make my thing.

2. I’m gonna take to and leave it with my Heavenly Daddy.

3. I’m gonna crawl up in His lap and rest a bit.

This can be applied to lots of other things. What are some areas to which you can apply this process?

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  1. I could and should apply this process to just about everything I do, lol. I struggle with the rest part.

    1. You? Struggle with rest? Just kidding! Love you, little sister. (Can you tell I’m trying to catch up this week of our vacation?)


  2. I went to a dinner party given by a good friend of mine and she did what you are talking about. We had tea first with a question she had thought of for us to talk about. She has I invited three couples and herself. Next was the main course with another question to talk about. Last the desert with another question. Her food was the creation she had made. The food was the conversation with each other and the rest was when you left you knew you had been with our Lord!

  3. Good admonition! I, too, could apply this to my writing journey, along with problems I wrestle too hard to solve, instead of simply trusting in God’s timing and resting in Him.

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