The danger of healthy habits

I am overweight. I am not sure when I will not be. Each struggle to combat this has led to failure recently.

I have been prayerful about my next steps and pushing them toward the top of my goal list.

I’ve been at this weight before and hated it. It’s no picnic today either. I remember all the hard work and how it took forever to work my hiney off (Literally! <- Also the correct use of literally).

I don’t like that I have already done this hard work. I don’t like that every time I seem to see a pound or two disappear it comes back and sometimes brings friends (like some fabulous fat-keg party that pounds keep showing up to… apparently there’s a party in my torso that I had no idea would be so popular).


Am I going to do something about it? Yes.

Am I going to give up? NO.

But I can tell you what I pray I won’t do. I pray I won’t make health my Lord.

I know we have lost the value of health in our culture. I don’t want to downplay that. I don’t want to relegate health to the corner of unimportance. But the pendulum swings, as it often does (especially here in America with it’s “all or nothing” attitude), and we find ourselves making too big of a deal out of it.

We make it hours long, or we put it ahead of relationships and callings. We become healthy for health sake instead of becoming healthy to better do the things we love or are called to do.

Is working out and eating healthy a bad idea? Will the addiction to healthy be as detrimental as the addiction to food? No and probably not.

But so often we exercise so we can play with our kids and then we put them in childcare to stay fit.

So often we get healthy so that we can better serve our calling and then we don’t have time to serve because we can’t miss our exercise routine.

And sometimes we exercise to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit and give Him no time to reside there or use it as an excuse to tell God how we don’t like how he made us. Trust me on this. I hated my problem area at size 4 as much as I hated it at size 16. Health and exercise will not make you someone else.

So I will be careful to do all that God calls me to do. I will submit my health to the Lord.

I will allow God to show me when and how to work on my physical self and trust that he will maintain what he has done in me on the days he says something else is important.

I will make sure I know Who is boss. I will not use health as an excuse to be ungrateful for the body and life he has given me.

And for now, I’ll take a deep breath and a walk and not eat that donut (Jesus, save!).

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  1. Gah! Hilarious and convicting, although let’s just say I’m not having a problem with addiction to exercise right now (smirk). Still applicable when thoughts about my size and poor habits are dominating no less than 80% of my day.

  2. I love this! I’m following you on Insta. I’m in the God focused health journey with you and like you, I want to do it Hos way. {hug}

    1. Cintia,

      I am cheering you on your journey. I pray that we will be satisfied in Him even while obeying the call to take care of our bodies. Thanks for the encouragement.


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