A celebration and a giveaway

celebration and giveaway

There are several milestones happening for me this year. One is happening this week.

If you hang around with me for any amount of time, you would know that one of my favorite responses to most anything is, “I am 100 years old.”

I have an old soul. Things always appear more childish than they should be. My view of the world was critical and caustic even when I was a small child.

Thank you, Jesus, for making me a new creature.

Needless to say, 100 is a regular part of my vocabulary.

But this week I get to say (and am kind of excited that I get to join the grade schoolers in a 100 celebration) it in a different way.

Guess what? Guess how?

Are you ready?

This is my 100th blog post.

It doesn’t seem possible to me either… BUT it feels like we should celebrate our thousands of shared words.

So we are.

We’re going to do it in two ways. One will be a step of obedience for me and one will be a gift to you.

  • FIRST, I will be launching a Facebook page as a writer.

This will create a space for those that would want to hear more of my weirdness than they already do.

It will also give you a space to share with your friends that don’t really care about all the pictures of my kids or randomness that is Christina (though heaven knows we cannot get away from that completely).

It will hopefully create a balance between close and distant relationships.

  • SECOND, I will be doing a giveaway.

celebration and giveaway

I have a new copy of “Giddy Up, Eunice: Because Women need each other”, by Sophie Hudson, and $10 towards the Resolved Women’s Conference monthly challenges I have been making. (You may also use it to buy another book or a hot drink to sip on while reading.)

“Giddy Up, Eunice” was a joy to read. If I ever meet Sophie Hudson I might kiss her right on the cheek (or drool and cry like I have in past meetings of famous or admirable people).

These steps are going to work hand in hand.


1. Like my new Facebook page.

2. Share it with your friends.

3. Share your favorite blog post (and encourage others to subscribe to the blog).

4. Lead the way in signing up to get my blog directly in your email (especially those who are thinking of canceling or limiting your FB interaction).

I will announce the winner on Monday, February 20th

Your friends can enter to win as well. (As long as they are local or at least in the U.S.)

I hate how market-y this sounds, and hopefully, it won’t be too terrible. Hopefully getting a wonderful book and a small discount to Resolved will make up for that.

PLEASE share my facebook page. If it is limited to those who already follow me on Facebook then it will just be redundant. I will also try to have content that you will only have on my writer page that you will not get on my regular page.


I would not have a 100th blog post if no one was reading it. I know it’s a small space here and I like it that way, but thank you for being the people God asked me to write for from the beginning.

Happy 100th blog! God is faithful and you are precious.

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