Adventures and plans

I never followed Jenny because I had to do it.

Sure, she was a gale force when she didn’t get her way, and she was so much stronger than me when we ran and played together. I can still close my eyes and see her perched at the top of the swingset or running so fast that if she had fallen she might have exploded into a thousand pieces.

I also knew that her role in any game we played was determined by her. I had my opinion and I was always Princess Leia when I played at home, but Jenny got to be leading role (even if she had never seen it before #IwasrightaboutStarWars).

I didn’t even follow Jenny because of her fierce love for me or because she demanded it.

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The danger of healthy habits

I am overweight. I am not sure when I will not be. Each struggle to combat this has led to failure recently.

I have been prayerful about my next steps and pushing them toward the top of my goal list.

I’ve been at this weight before and hated it. It’s no picnic today either. I remember all the hard work and how it took forever to work my hiney off (Literally! <- Also the correct use of literally).

I don’t like that I have already done this hard work. I don’t like that every time I seem to see a pound or two disappear it comes back and sometimes brings friends (like some fabulous fat-keg party that pounds keep showing up to… apparently there’s a party in my torso that I had no idea would be so popular).

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Surrendering the sacrifice

I have sacrificed a lot. I am a mother. It is almost in my job description.

I wouldn’t be a good mom if I didn’t let the kids have my last bite.

I wouldn’t be a good wife if didn’t let my husband sleep in on his days off.

I wouldn’t be a good granddaughter or niece if I didn’t go visit my grandmother this week.

I wouldn’t be a good daughter if I didn’t keep checking on my Daddy while He is in the hospital.

I wouldn’t be a good co-op teacher if I don’t get my supply list in for leadership to get out to parents.

(Being good… well, that’s an entirely different subject… moving on!)

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Lining up with the Cornerstone

lining up cornerstone

Cornerstones still matter. After all these years of advancement and centuries of buildings structures, the cornerstone still matters.

Why would that be? Haven’t we learned to design in a way that we can start in any way we choose? Why wouldn’t that be the case? There are so many new tools at our disposal.

We still cannot get away from it. We must have the cornerstone and establish everything we do off of its measurements.

If we started the walls of a structure anywhere we wanted, they would be wonky and the ceilings would hang funny. We will have built it the way we want it, but we will not get what was in the blueprints.

So why are we doing this with THE Cornerstone?

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