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I am just a simple Oklahoma girl. I would be picked last for ANY sports team but might take the lead in a cook-off. Jesus is my life, WK holds my affections, my children engage me in nearly every moment, and my family and friends love me, and make me a better Christina than I would ever be on my own.

I live in the great State of Oklahoma. Where “the wind comes sweeping down the plain” is not an exaggeration.  My husband, WK, is a network engineer. He works for a company downtown working on their phones (which if you didn’t know are all computerized these days). I stay home with my kiddos, Sassafras, Sonic, and Snickle (their Web nicknames), and currently, homeschool the older two.

I am what some might call a natural drunk. I am loud, clumsy, and friendly by nature. I have people in and out of my house all the time. I love to cook big meals for them, and I sit around and enjoy each one of them. When I am not hosting a big event at home, teaching my kids, or doing one of the monotonous chores of motherhood, I love to read, watch British TV, and just lay around in my pjs.

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