5 things every Christian must do (or Know that… following is not a formula)

I know you opened my page to find the answer.

You think… Christina looks like she knows how to be a good Christian.

So I’ll get straight to the steps:

First, you must… Follow Jesus

Then you need to… Follow Jesus

After that continue to… Follow Jesus

Next, you cannot forget to… Follow Jesus

And finally, (you guessed it)… Follow Jesus

If you don’t already know, I love lists. I like things I can control. Just let things get out of my power or plans go awry. You’ll see me get flustered and begin to feel as if doing more or planning better would change my current path.

But Jesus didn’t come and say “I came to make it easier to follow the rules.” He said, “Follow me.” He didn’t say following had steps or a magical formula.

Now imagine if I told Sassafras and Sonic, “Follow me.”

We just got back from vacation, and I was doing just that. One of the days at a very crowded amusement park, I told them over and over, “Stay with your people…” Meaning… “Follow Mama and Daddy.”

I gave them some simple guidelines at the beginning, but mostly I needed them to FOLLOW ME. I was going to navigate them through the good, the bad, and the ugly of that “magical” place, and the rules weren’t as important as staying with the one(s) who love them most.

What if they got out a chore list from last week and started doing it? Is that following? NO.

What if they said, “Well my cousin follows this way. I’m going to do that.” Is that following? NO.

What if they just decided to wander around me like they have other times around the house (haphazardly, and with little concern for getting lost or finding unknown danger)? Is that following? NO.

What if they studied “how to follow at amusement parks” online and did those steps exactly according to the instructions? Is that following? NO!

It used to be that most of our culture would scoff at the “5 ways to please your man” or the “10 steps to a skinnier waistline” at the checkout lines, but now that it’s in our Facebook feed we often fall for it hook, line and sinker. It’s even permeating our “Christian” and “church” sites.

I don’t want to discredit what can often be helpful. I will not even say that they are wrong or that they aren’t ever useful, but I am saying please give yourself permission to not follow the advice of someone who doesn’t know you, much less love you. Not when the ONE who loves you most is right there whispering, “I’m here. Follow me.”

He wants you.

He died for you.

He loves you.

And NO ONE should have more power to speak into you than His Spirit.

His Spirit will never contradict His word (the Bible), and His Spirit can use anyone or anything to speak to you, but never confuse the vessel for what it was designed to contain. It’s like eating the plate and throwing out the food, just because other people have done it.

I will even go so far as to say…

Unfollow me… unsubscribe from my blog… or distance our relationship… if my “voice” ever gets louder than HIS!

If I could come through the screen at you right now, I would tell you follow Him. Follow Him. FOLLOW HIM! And then I would I give you permission to throw away my words and follow Jesus.

Today, I give you permission to NOT let someone on the internet or social media have more power over you than the Creator of your soul.

So FIND HIM!!! Let’s go!!!

Where is He today?


He wants us there too, and is waiting for you and me.

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