Know that… It’s OK to take time

I’ve been feeling alone lately. Or maybe alone is not the right word. Detached is probably more accurate. It’s not that I’m lonely. There are people are all around me. ALL THE TIME. I’m connected to them. I truly am, and I wouldn’t trade my people for anything.

The detachment is felt more in the relationship with myself and occasionally with my LORD.

I have attacked any disconnect with my Heavenly Daddy with vengeance.

Doing some things God asked me to do has breathed some life back into me.


I completed reading the Bible through in 90 days, I read voraciously through authors who I think are following Jesus fully, and I followed all of them (plus a few more) on Twitter. My Twitter feed reads almost like a continual sermon all day long (and is needed when FB seems so dark right now).

All of these things have helped, and I feel like I know my Savior more. Then my heart resonates with a verse, a calling, or the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit, and the disconnect is not with God, but with myself.

I know who Mama is, and Wife, friend, small group leader, sister, homeschool teacher, mentor, counselor, cousin, cook, daughter, best-friend, helper, kid watcher, niece, diaper changer, and granddaughter. I know all of those “me-s.”

But Christina feels almost lost. Where is she? What does she enjoy? What are her dreams and purpose?

imageDon’t get me wrong. I’m confident in the roles of my life, but it seems I am slowly becoming what I DO instead of WHO I am. My personality is prone to a DO mindset, and I don’t want to be that Christina again. I don’t want to find my identity in the things I do. I want to find my identity in WHO has already done the work for me.

In Ephesians, after Paul talks about making us ALIVE in Christ after being DEAD in sin, after He talks about how God raised us up to Christ’s level BEFORE we deserved it, and after He says it’s by GRACE and not WORKS that we are restored to righteousness, there is one more verse in that section.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His WORKMANSHIP, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

He goes on to show how we have become a new people. We have been given new citizenship. He talks about a peace that abolishes the enmity between us, God and His people. We get access through the Spirit to God the Father. He begins to wrap it up by sharing that God is using a people of a certain bloodline and a people of redemptive adoption and building them into a holy temple.

He wraps it up with, “in who YOU ALSO are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit,” in verse 22.

Friends, I AM A WORKMANSHIP! I am being built to be the dwelling place of the Spirit. Not fulfilling a role is beautiful, but ME! Don’t misunderstand me. That whole chapter clearly talks about it not being about me, but it it is clear about one thing. It is ME who brings God glory not what I do.

Therefore, I have decided to do one thing a week that takes time to build me up to be the dwelling place of the Spirit. I will do one thing a week that puts God’s workmanship on display. I will take time to do at least one thing each week that doesn’t add to what I do as much it adds to who I am.

I’m not going overboard here. It may be as simple as sitting on the back porch before bed, or reading at least one chapter of a book I enjoy. My life is crazy. I don’t have the time.


So, I plan to TAKE TIME…

AND I want you to join the challenge…


This is how it will work:

1. Join up on social media with me on Tuesday nights and answer the question, “What did you do for #taketimeTuesday?” (I am on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.)
2. Respond and post a picture or description of how you were intentional in bringing glory to God. Show or tell how you honored who He made you to be and made room in your life for the Spirit to fill YOU. (Tuesday is to help remind us planners, but for my free spirits or planners with a full Tuesday your #taketimeTuesday moment doesn’t have to actually happen on Tuesday.)
3. Then feel a little more alive and encourage others to join us.

Just in case you need some ideas:

  • Create art using the medium of your choice
  • Cook or bake
  • Read or watch a movie
  • Exercise (or swing or slide down a slide)
  • Visit a friend
  • Write
  • Sit in nature (or fish or hunt)
  • Snuggle your little one or spouse instead of rushing through the day
  • Go shopping (staying within budget, of course 😉 )
  • Take a pretty picture
  • Paint (or have painted) your finger and/ or toenails
  • Read your Bible or sing worship songs
  • Lay down and/or take a nap
  • Work on a sewing, crotchet, knitting, embroidery, or craft project
  • Turn the music up and dance or sing to your favorite music
  • Dust off your instrument and let the music flow out of you
  • Keep an appointment with a HOT beverage (just tell your littles your glued to the chair)
  • Get your fingers in the earth and produce life where there was none before
  • Scrub something clean or put something to order (Wanna come to my house next?)
  • Do that thing growing in you that hasn’t been mentioned or possibly cannot be explained
  • Do ANYTHING that makes you feel the purpose God has for you on this Earth

Since I post blogs on Wednesdays, we have all week to figure out how to TAKE TIME by Tuesday. I’ll try to send several reminders throughout the week to help you remember.

I’m looking forward to being built together to become a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

See you Tuesday!

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  1. Disconnected. YES! That’s the word I’ve been looking for. Frustration, disillusioned, fed-up, discontent. None of that describes the feelings/emotions I have had lately. Disconnected is the perfect description. Yes, my adopted daughter and Sister, I accept your challenge. Love ya!!

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